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Dan Gutman was born in a log cabin in Illinois, and used to write by candlelight with a piece of chalk on a shovel. Wait a minute. That was Abraham Lincoln. Actually, Dan grew up in New Jersey. And, for some reason, he still lives there.

Like a lot of boys, Dan didn't like reading, but loved sports. So naturally, he grew up to write sports books for reluctant readers.

In 1994, Dan cooked up a novel about a boy who finds the most valuable baseball card in the world, and discovers he has the power to travel through time using a baseball card like a time machine. The result was Honus & Me. Rejected by ten publishers over two years, the book was finally published in 1997 by HarperCollins.
Honus & Me was nominated for eleven state book awards, was made into a play and a TV movie, and established Dan Gutman as an emerging name in middle grade fiction. Most importantly, it allowed Dan to avoid getting a real job.

The success of Honus & Me jumpstarted a twelve-book series and was followed by Jackie & Me, Babe & Me, Shoeless Joe & Me, Mickey & Me, Abner & Me, Satch & Me, Jim & Me, Roberto & Me, Ray & Me, Ted & Me and Willie & Me.

In his insatiable quest for world domination, Dan Gutman turned toward younger kids with the My Weird School series. Aimed at beginning readers, the My Weird School books describe a school in which the kids are normal but the teachers are all insane. Each book focuses on a different adult and titles include Miss Daisy Is Crazy!, Mr. Klutz Is Nuts!, Mrs. Cooney Is Loony!, Miss Lazar Is Bizarre!, Ms. Todd Is Odd!, Mr. Macky Is Wacky!, Ms. Coco Is Loco!, and Mr. Louie Is Screwy! (the titles rhyme, you see).

There are now over fifty titles in the My Weird School series. The books have sold more than eight million copies (and those are just the ones Dan bought himself trying to get on the bestseller list). My Weird School,  My Weird School Daze, and My Weirder School have been cracking up kids all over the country for more than ten years, and there's no doubt that they are the best early reader books in the history of the world. My Weird School is now getting even weirder with the upcoming new story arc, My Weirdest School.

In the midst of all this weirdness, Dan was hit with a burst of genius, which soon developed into a new action-packed series called The Genius Files, featuring thirteen-year-old boy and girl twins named Coke and Pepsi McDonald, who take an adventure-filled road trip across the United States. The five-book series concludes with a bang in The Genius Files: License to Thrill.

Dan Gutman's many other books include The Million Dollar Shot, The Homework Machine, Johnny Hangtime, The Get Rich Quick Club, and Casey Back at Bat. When he's not writing books, Dan writes self-glorifying profiles. He lives in New Jersey with his wife, Nina. To learn more about Dan and his books, please visit

Meet the Men Behind the Pictures: Dan’s Illustrators!
Sure, Dan can write weird and wonderful stories…but what about those awesome illustrations? Read Dan’s interviews with art-smart guys Jim Paillot, illustrator of the My Weird School series, and Steve Chorney, illustrator of the Baseball Card Adventures series.

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